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It’s official. I’m hooked. The weather is colder and there is no heating in my sewing room so it’s a lot easier to sit with a lapdog and do some hooking. 😉  Here’s my progress…

Sophie’s Universe CAL


It’s quite large. It needs a dog for perspective. Where’s Melody when you need her?

 The Stylecraft Lilypad CAL

There she is. Guarding the Lilypad. I have to say, I was falling out of love with this on the last flower blocks. All that chartreuse and khaki reminded me of pond slime. My own pond out the back looks like Shrek has sneezed in it so crocheting this just felt like it was rubbing it in. But the 3D flower block has brought it back.


This is the block that is responsible for getting me into this in the first place… No idea how to block a 3d thing like this – any tips?


The Motif project

Doing this in cottons – a new yarn to me but I absolutely love it… I got the books from The Book Depository. The instructions are great but they also have diagrams (score!) and are spiral bound so they stay open at the page you want them to!


I’m not sure how this one is going to work – it’s a Laura experiment and probably too early to do that but if you never try, you never know, right?!

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  1. The flower block is really lovely. To block I would use a piece of foam core and hold it in place with stainless steel pins while it dries, but I wouldn’t worry about the inner petals, personally I like the scrunched effect.

  2. You’re building up a stunning collection of blocks. I LOVE the 3D flowers and I think it will turn into a beautiful pond 🙂 Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays 🙂

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