Free-motion foxy

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Last weekend I had breakfast out with three of my quilty friends, who then came over to continue the gossip over tea and bakery treats. Janine (whose husband says she carries a little black hole with her) managed to leave her copy of The Enchanted Forest and take my copy of The Secret Garden.

When I saw Mr Foxy (or maybe it’s Ms Foxy, I’m not sure), I knew I had to try to free-motion him/her. I tried the Aurifil Lana (pictured) but didn’t have a big enough needle for the S16, so went back to Aurifil 40 weight cotton…


And here she is – the fabulous Ms Fox! (Less fabulous Ms Fotographer – that’s white fabric with a stunning orange thread).


I only traced the outline and drew a couple of guidelines as you can see. I think she’s looking lonely though – I’m going to have to pore through the book for more inspiration.

6 Comments on “Free-motion foxy”

  1. There is so much quilty inspiration in Johanna’s books, can’t wait for the next one…under the sea. Love Ms Fox

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