First Tuesday Dinner Club

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The cooking class inspired Pippa and I with the idea to set a regular dinner date to try out a few different restaurants around Perth. Always seem to say “I must try (such and such) restaurant…” and never get there. So we thought we’d start…

First Tuesday Dinner Club!

When: First tuesday of the month
What: go out to dinner, different cuisine each time.
Who: the girls
Where: this is the question. Where to start?

Ideas so far – Tapas, Leederville; Indian Garden Restaurant, North Perth (or Southern Spicy, Subi is meant to be good); Tasik, Northbridge; Ria Malaysian, Leederville; Anna’s Vietnamese, Leederville… (I wonder if the Abyssinian Cafe on Broadway Nedlands is still open for Ethiopian fod, for something totally different?) Need a good Japanese place too. Where else?

Who’s in and where do you want to go? Leave a comment!

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