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It’s interesting news week. After yesterday’s sad news, I had an amazing pick-me-up today. I had flicked off an email to the Amazing Emma How at Sampaguita Quilts asking how she first got published in magazines. She very kindly wrote me a long reply and sent me our national quilting magazine editor’s email, saying she was looking for new projects. I dashed off a quick – “Hi, let me know if this is of any interest” and got a reply back IMMEDIATELY saying:Β 
“It’s stunning!
I love it. πŸ™‚
Could I commission it for our Special Occasions issue and it can be the Easter project?
My smile was THIS BIG:
I danced around the office telling the serious officey people, who aren’t remotely interested in anything as frivolous as quilting, that I am going to be a NATIONALLY PUBLISHED QUILTER!!!
You’ll be able to say you were in the first 20 followers… Hehehe. Yes, I am feeling a little full of myself today. Well, pride comes before a fall so it may not actually happen. I have a horror of sending it off and them going “oh, you’re free motion quilting isn’t quite even enough for us, and there’s a pucker in the back”. There is! I’m ashamed of it! I’m actually considering making another one for the magazine… But I wouldn’t find the same fabric. Do you think I should? Or send it off, imperfections and all? What would you do?
Right, back to happy thoughts!
Happy sewing!
PS 4 more followers till giveaway…
PPS I used to teach Indonesian. Bribery is how I roll πŸ˜‰

8 Comments on “Excitement!”

  1. Congratulations, and send it off as is, imperfections and all. I used to be a quilt magazine editor, it doesn’t matter that much.

  2. OH!! Congratulations!!! That is such an awesome thing!!!! I’m glad I was one of the first 20 followers. πŸ™‚
    Your work is great, I think you should leave it that way. Just because that’s how quilts are. All of my free motion quilts have a pucker. But, you have to have no regrets. If it’s going to bug you, then do another one.
    In any case, they loved your work, so you should just feel proud and happy, we are for you!
    Hugs and a happy dance with you,

  3. Oh Laura, how wonderful! Congratulations!

    I agree with Doris; send it off as it is!

    I’m amongst the first twenty followers!! Hee-hee!

  4. That’s such great news (and even better timing). Congrats! As for whether to send it off or try for a new one – I’m absolutely no help as I have no clue. Sounds like Doris does though, and since her reply is also the easiest option… πŸ™‚

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