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It has been a difficult week or two for me. A recurrent sinus infection knocked me about for a week before I’d booked in to go to a free-motion feathers class out at Handcrafter’s House – so bad, I nearly had to cancel despite having done little besides nurse it.

I got home tired, exhausted and out of sorts after having spent day one practising my feathers on this piece of work. Feather workshop practice piecesI had just got my dinner onto a plate Saturday night and collapsed when the phone rang. I was fairly grumpy at being disturbed by this point. But it was my parents. They weren’t calling to remind me to call my aunt to wish her a happy birthday the next day. Instead, they were calling to tell me that, amidst the birthday party-preparations, my uncle had suffered a heart attack and died.

Sometimes life just knocks you for a loop.  My aunt has lost her husband. My cousin has lost his father. My brother and I have lost the only uncle we’ve ever really known, and my dad has lost his only brother.

It seems odd to me that when someone passes away, people who rarely express themselves suddenly find a lot to say, but I – who pride myself on being a writer – lose my words.  They just become so damned inadequate.

I went out to the second day of the workshop, to keep my hands busy and my mind distracted.  And despite the exhaustion, the sickness and the grief, this came out, which is possibly one of the best pieces of work I’ve ever done:


I’ll post more on this piece later.

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  1. deepest sympathies on your loss Laura.. One thing though , it goes to support my theory that the left, logical side of your brain needs to be “occupied” while the right, creative side does its thing. either way its good that you could lose yourself in this project for a time. This is absolutely fabulous, I love the practice piece too. Our S16 homework this month is feathers, hope mine turn out, even just half, as well as yours.

  2. My deepest sympathies for your loss. It’s a fantastic piece of work and it is just so strangethat when life is at its toughest we can do amazing things. Take care. Di

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss…it is never a nice experience. My husband lost his twin brother 2years ago…not fun. On a happier note…..that quilted piece is just stunning!!!

  4. I am sorry to hear of your sad news. Your work is beautiful and you can remember your uncle whenever you look at it.

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