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Welcome to the Spring Blogger’s Quilt Festival! For once, I’ll actually be IN Spring, travelling to the Northern Hemisphere, instead of feeling all topsy turvy in blogland. Many of you will have seen it before but this is my favourite finish EVER from my favourite line of fabric ever (Kate Spain’s Terrain) so I am proud to show off this King Size Stepping Stones Quilt inspired by Kate’s pattern and Judy Masden’s quilting.

TerrainTerrainIt was REALLY hard to get photos of this monster given the size of the room and lack of available help!

I am pretty proud of my quilting on this – just don’t look too hard!Terrain



I had my usual helpers and comfort-testers along the way. The quilt is now proudly on my bed. I finished it in the Australian summer and had to put the air conditioner on freezing so I could sleep under it straight away!Terrain

Please go over and check out the rest of the lovely quilts over at Amy’s Creative Side. Thanks for dropping by!

9 Comments on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Terrain”

  1. Well, you know we’ll never disagree on the Terrain line of fabric. One of my all time favourites as well. I too love this patters. So love+love=a fantastic quilt 🙂

  2. Oh my! I had not seen this quilt before, but I really LOVE it. You did a great job quilting it (yet another thing I’m jealous about). Kate Spain has never (IMHO) done an ugly line of fabric, and I am currently lounging on TOP of a quilt I made from Joy.

  3. Haha comfort testers! Too funny I also would-a cranked up the AC to sleep under this beauty. I love the border on only 3 sides I was a bit confused till I scrolled back up to the first photos and had the ah-ha moment. I’ve had this pattern in my *make it someday* pile but my Terrain fabric is all used up on a queen size that I need to finish the binding on. I’ll have to wait for the right fabric line to come along. Visiting form BQF!

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