Bloggers Quilt Festival 2015 – Mondrian Madness

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This is the big one!
I asked for Mondrian inspired blocks for my turn at being Queen Bee for Quilt Club Australia a couple of years back. It felt like it took forever to go from blocks to this:
To this:
Quilted on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16, this quilt is massive – King size with overhang. LOADS of detailed free-motion quilting. And very appealing to cavaliers apparently.
It’s an original design (obviously, being an improv Bee quilt) and I think it is my favourite piece ever…. It’s one I’d really love to show off and enter in a show were we to have a Modern Quilt Show in my state. But I won’t hold my breath for that so I am so pleased to be able to share it with you as part of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

13 Comments on “Bloggers Quilt Festival 2015 – Mondrian Madness”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. It is stunning and should be in a quilt show. And the “props” are wonderfully photogenic.

  2. oh wow, this is an amazing quilt! I love a bit of Mondrian so this is right up my street. I love they way it fits your bed perfectly then has that cool overhang with the coloured squares!

  3. This reminds me of some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s art as well, but wow, you nailed it on the Mondrian. Love the quilting you did too. And your fur kid has great taste, lol!

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