Black Friday quilt finish

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What happens when you start a crazy new job, work non-stop for weeks on end and don’t even check your email every day? You get NO sewing done find out you’re hosting TGIFF and have to produce a quilt in less than 12 hours!

Fortunately, for the first time in ages, I had done a little quilting. It’s not exactly a finish, but it’s as close as we’re going to get. My neighbour broke her arm last year and is still having troubles with her shoulder so managing a quilt through the machine is out of the question. It’s her grandson’s 18th birthday and he wanted a quilt for his car for some reason… (I’m thinking for the back seat, not to tuck the car under…). So able to piece but unable to quilt, Maryanne prevailed upon me to baste and quilt it for her. She said she didn’t care what colour or what design, she just wanted it quilted. And let’s face it, an 18 year old boy is unlikely to be picking fault in my stitching…


You will noticed that these are NOT quokka-favoured colours. We also don’t like polar fleece around here so it was doubly painful to our quilting sensibilities…


The pattern is Winding Ways using the accuquilt dies, which I tried and failed on, so all kudos to Maryanne for her piecing. I kinda feel that the pattern gets lost with so little contrast between the colours, so I quilted just following the big circles freehand.


REALLY not Quokka colours! I had to do a bit of sewing on my lovely double batted metro hoops quilt to rid my mind of the murky green. (I will finish this someday!)


But it’s done and out of my way so TGIFF!!!!

Here’s the link!

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  1. Congratulations on getting something done this week! I know what it’s like when the work and the home and everything else takes over and suddenly you haven’t set foot in your sewing room in ages!

  2. You are a good friend! Let’s focus on that…not the colors! But I agree with what you said! Metro Hoops was a good end to the post…it’s gorgeous!

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