Of birds and bird-dogs

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It’s nearly the end of the year! I’ve had visitors for the Christmas-New Year’s break which has made things quite chaotic around here… They’ve been mostly crashed out on the couch with the occasional rampage around the garden and daily trip to the park.


I’ve also done a little sewing. This is a pre-Xmas project that hasn’t quite been finished.


It’s meant to become a pouch using a tutorial from the lovely Vera at Negligent Style but motivation for sewing has been hard to maintain lately so it hasn’t been finished. Yet.


I have been working away at my Mondrian quilt. The end of the tunnel is in sight finally… although with 38C today, I’m not sure getting under a quilt in an unairconditioned room is on the books for me…

Yes, that’s a Mondrian fabric patterned cushion that my lovely friend Bev gave me… I went rather mad with the FMQ. There was so much negative space to fill on this quilt it’s been quite a challenge but I’ve used it as a practice canvas.

That’s my WIP Wednesday and my last post for 2014… ¬†Back Friday¬†for TGIFF and a HUGE finish!!!! Have a happy New Year!!!


4 Comments on “Of birds and bird-dogs”

  1. Hi Laura and Hapy NEW Year! You seem to have had very good company! Oh, they look so beautiful all together! Hugs to all of you! x Teje

  2. Hehe, love the pic of the four little trouble makers. I can see that they’d keep you busy.
    The mondrian looks like it’s coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing more.

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