An Ode to Fabricporn

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Fabricworm, how I love thee, let me count the ways.
Thy lovely site with fabricporn doeth brighten up my days.
Fabricworm lovelies

Thy frequent sales and custom bundles my fickle heart make beat
Thy service grand, thy cutting straight, thy speedy post is fleet.
Scamper, By Rebekah Ginda
Thy Heather Ross and Kokka sets, thy illustrious solids collection
They bringeth joy in all their bright and colourful confection.
Heather Ross Nursery Versery
Tis always such a happy day when on my step doeth land
A white and well wrapped parcel stuffed with fabricporn so grand.
Heather Ross, Crafty Chloe
And let us mention Storyboek and other organic lines
(I really have to end this now I’m running out of rhymes).

Storyboek 2

Not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share some fabric love! Let’s have one more look at Crafty Chloe – she is SO sweet!
Crafty chloe

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