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I’m so proud of me!!! Look at this:

Ta da! Modern fabrics. The black n white cross hatch is from Pink Castle fabrics. The cream text you see is from the NEW Sweetwater line called Sew Mama Sew! It is fabulous. It’s not even out in the States till around August I believe, but the lovely QuiltJane of WantItNeedItQuilt gets preview sets for Oz. It’s the ONE thing we get before the rest of the world, so don’t be too jealous (oh ok, go green with envy. Don’t look now, but she’s got some of Kate Spain’s Cuzco). There’s also some black ‘n’ white chevron fabric in my creation and some newsprint and circles inside. All my favourite fabrics 🙂

That’s all very well Laura, but WHAT IS IT??? Well getta loada this:

It’s a travel sewing case, perfect for my paper piecing and quilt expeditions. I kinda melded the idea of the plastic pocket in the case shown here by Sweetwater with this fabulous tutorial by Amy. I also used heavy interfacing to make it stiff rather than floppy (get your mind out of the gutter Danny, I was totally not going to make a rude innuendo there). I also mutilated adapted Amy’s pattern by upsizing it to fit my rotary cutter in.

There are two pockets on the right hand side. The middle is my second favourite part. It features a scissor case, a velcroed strip of binding for spools of thread to be secured with (note the Aurifil), and a felt needle book.

But what I am REALLY impressed with is my plastic pocket which features a zip and gusseted sides, so you can stuff all manner of things in there and still have it zip closed without going out of shape. 

Don’t you just love that text print?!

I don’t think you can see it that well in the picture, but here’s a side view showing the gusset. Don’t ask me how I did it. I thought and thought and unpicked twice, and when I got one side done to satisfaction, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how I did it and had to go through the same process again to get the other side to match. There was a little cursing going on, let me tell you.

But I love it. I think I may make a mega size one for my cutting board, with handles.

I’m sooooo pleased with this. Once again – plastic zippered pocket, velcro, ties, felt needle book, pockets – what could be more fun?! Hip hip hooray!

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