A Donktober Vegas Wedding

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As it’s Halloween here in the states, even though it’s now November Down Under, I’m getting in with a last Donktober post for Erin at MissyMacCreations.

I last left you in Mesa Verde. There’s more in between but I’m fast forwarding a bit because of the Donktober deadline and such.

Donktober update

Deirdre had a lovely time in Vegas.

She spent some time by the pool and some time on the Strip (but she didn’t take her camera being a lazy ass). She was delighted to find that the RV ‘resort’ had wedding facilities…

and shyly dropped subtle hints to Jack in order to say “I do” poolside at the trailer park. Here’s a photo of the happy couple at their wedding ceremony.

Sadly, it was evident from the start that Jack and Deirdre were heading in different directions…

and Jack has since been seen in the company of other animals, so sadly, a quickie divorce was also on the Vegas agenda… Cest la vie

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