TGIFF – a few finishes

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Happy New Year! Well, after saying no more TGIFF for me, while the changeover process is going on, I got a few small projects finished and offered to do this Friday’s TGIFF… The Jimmy Bag #2 A couple of years ago, mum asked if I could make her a bag for walking the dog. The stipulations: there had to be … Read More

Little boxes….

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I seem to have lost my sew-jo lately. I wasn’t even tempted to look at fabric in the post-Christmas sales. That”s how bad it is. I have a room full of fabric that is mocking me. I walk into the sewing room and it seems to stick its tongue out and say “You’ll never be able to use us up … Read More

Spinning a tale…

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Phew, it’s nearly Christmas!!! I last posted just before my little jaunt down to Tree Elle to see my brother get married. What do you do the day after your wedding? Well, I’m not sure what normal people do, but my brother and new sister-in-law had their alpaca(s) shorn. Here’s a photo of my new sister-in-law with Ally the alpaca. I asked … Read More

A Wedding TGIFF

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“Once upon a time a bride-to-be wanted to hold her wedding at Tree Elle Retreat as the most beautiful spot she knew… then Tree Elle came up for sale and she bought it so that other brides could have their fairy tale wedding as well.” After 18 years together and six years engaged, my brother and his fiance are getting married. They only … Read More

TGIFF – A creature feature

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Despite doing very little sewing this year, my Japanese fabrics have been begging me to do something with them. I finally gave in and the smallest scrap (at the bottom of the picture) won. Aren’t they cute?! I decided it would make a lovely feature on a bag, and went with a double zippered pocket on the front. I used … Read More

WIP Wednesday – Quilting quandries

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Phew, it’s a long time between posts this year. I was feeling kinda quilt-blocked when the school holidays started. Although I’m going great guns on my Metro Hoops quilt, the idea of going to a sewing day without my S16 baffled me, but I went anyway.   I pulled out a piece of ‘fugly’ fabric from a swap I ran … Read More

Metro Hoops quilting progress

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Do you ever get quilter’s block? Either getting sick of a project and putting it aside or just not being able to sew at all? Term 2 has been so hectic, facing the sewing machine to quilt has seemed like more work. Nevertheless, I’ve snatched a few minutes sewing here and there between marking, report writing and lesson prep and made … Read More

Black Friday quilt finish

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What happens when you start a crazy new job, work non-stop for weeks on end and don’t even check your email every day? You get NO sewing done find out you’re hosting TGIFF and have to produce a quilt in less than 12 hours! Fortunately, for the first time in ages, I had done a little quilting. It’s not exactly a finish, … Read More

Sunday Stash – Japan

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I’ve just had almost two weeks in Japan for the school holidays with my mum… Lucky, lucky me. I loved Japan – I have so many stories and pictures but I will save those for another post. Today is all about FABRIC ladies and gentlemen… While our timing was just perfect to catch the end of the cherry blossom season, … Read More

On my broomstick

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Yes I’m a witch. Or I’ve been bewitched. By broomstick lace… I signed up for another Craftsy class – Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace – and I got hooked. Or sticked. Broomstick lace is basically crochet with a big fat knitting needle thrown in when you feel like it. Size 50 needles are impossible to find here, so I ended up … Read More