Ghastly bag…

It’s not deja vu … You haven’t seen this bag before. It just looks VERY like my laptop bag. I love the fabric combination on so much but I rarely use the bag… so in what is becoming tradition, I have made myself a bag for my France-Spain trip. Ooh la la!

Ghastlies bag

Here’s the inside lining with my trademark double zippy pocket. Ghastlies bag

As well as the zippy pocket, it has a cross the shoulder  strap to discourage bag snatchers and a metallic closure. Here’s the back.

Ghastlies bag

And here is where I’m going (just add Barcelona to the end).  Jealous much?!

My trip 2014



5 thoughts on “Ghastly bag…

  1. Oh yes, I am tres jealous!! Have a wonderful time and if you see any incredible lace, take a picture for me, LOL! Lately, our “vacation” has consisted of building and filling raised planter boxes for our veggie garden. The fun part is when we rest and have a beer. :-) xxxxxxx

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