Pouchy and scrappy

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My boss carries around a pouch which she claims to have paid $80 for years ago, but all the images have long since worn off and it is nothing so much as a dirty cream pouch now… She’s not in the least pretentious, but the dirty cream pouch offends my sense of style, so I had to have words with … Read More

Good weather for ducks

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It has been tipping it down. Most unusual for us. I asked the girls if they wanted to get off the couch and go for a W-A-L-K. This was the response. It cleared up for about 20 mins, so I put on the raincoats. There was still a brief consultation along the lines of “Is she cray-cray?”   Melody certainly … Read More

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2015 – Mondrian Madness

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This is the big one! I asked for Mondrian inspired blocks for my turn at being Queen Bee for Quilt Club Australia a couple of years back. It felt like it took forever to go from blocks to this: To this: Quilted on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16, this quilt is massive – King size with overhang. LOADS of detailed free-motion … Read More

FMQAL – Guest post from Pam!!!

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No sooner had I decided that the Free-Motion Quilt-a-long was just for me than Pam from Sewing Up My Fabric emailed me saying how excited she was about joining in. So after a few chats, Pam volunteered to design her own FMQ block for people to try. This is pretty amazing…   Pam has gone with the notion of breaking … Read More

Sophie’s Garden

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Oh dear, I’m hooked… I did get a quilt back on the S16 – my Urban Rings mammoth effort – but the S16 started clunking. Several rethreadings later I gave up and sat on Pinterest for a while. Uh oh. Bad mistake. Discovered the Sophie’s Garden Crochet along and fell in love – again. I am so fickle… Here’ s … Read More

Two Finish Friday

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I have two finishes this week! My Craftsy class cowl and my low vol Sunnyside quilt. Scarlett is guarding both. Here’s the cowl – I’m a little bit proud of this one! Here’s the back of the quilt – you can really see the quilting! Some detail – I am still not fond of pebbles but they are so effective! … Read More


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  It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with curves lately. Quilted ones that is… But when all is said and done, I’m not finding this block anything special. Looking at the low volume fabric on the right, I really should have tried a flower more like that… well there’s the inspiration for the next block!   There hasn’t been … Read More


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Winter is approaching and we have been getting into wool around here… Some of us more than others. Scarlett helpfully removed the labels from a number of balls of wool that I left on the floor in a bag… Yes, that was a timesaver. Except for the untangling required…. I fell in love with this dusky sky chunky wool and … Read More