And some more sewing finishes…

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Some of you may remember that I am going back to Indonesian teaching this year. Two cultural icons of Indonesia are batik and wayang kulit, which are Javanese shadow puppets, intricately carved out of buffalo hide. Javanese colours of batik tend to be brown and cream, two colours which do not feature in my wardrobe, but a few years ago, … Read More

Happy New Year!!! TGIFF

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first TGIFF of 2016! We’ve announced some changes to TGIFF and the signups are open for 2016 hosting, so head on over to the blog and check it out. I have a heap of little finishes. Firstly, my second Mini Quick-Curve-Ruler Xmas tree table runner got finished just after Christmas. This one was … Read More

Sew What? The dressmaking edition

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I hate photos of myself, so I hope you realise how rare this is… And it’s really hard to get a good selfie… Occasionally I buy around 3 yards of fabric with the intention of making a dress. I have one favourite go-to pattern, and a couple of others knocking around. For the dresses here, I used two patterns and … Read More

Sew What? The Skirt Edition

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While you are recovering, I’ll show you what I’ve been up to lately. This is going to take two or more posts, because I have gone slightly and obsessively mad sewing clothes… The house looked like a fabric bomb had exploded for a while and I churned out 7 items of clothing in a week. Yup, that’s seven. Yes, you … Read More

Merry Christmas!!!

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We are all ready for Christmas! The doggies have their Christmas collars on. Table runners have been made (my Quick Curve Ruler Mini has had a workout). This one’s for me. Lucky trees are meant to look organic. Some of that wonkiness is deliberate – let’s say it all is. Oh it was fun quilting all those swirls again after … Read More


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Has the last month flown by for anyone else? Since the end of October, I’ve accepted a new job for next year, resigned my current job, been to Indonesia for a 20 year reunion, booked another trip to Indonesia… and on the bus to my LAST DAY at work today, I realised that: It’s December It’s the first Friday of December It’s … Read More

Mod Medallion finish

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        We have a finish!! We can lay back and relax now!!! This is the Mod Medallion quilt from SewKindOfWonderful. Or is that a Melodyallion quilt? As Melody adopted my last tri-colour quilt, she was the front-runner for modelling this quilt. I’ve seen a lot of versions of this quilt with beautiful, intricate free-motion quilting, but the … Read More


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You leave the room for 5 minutes and look what happens… Up to part 7 of Sophie’s Universe.

TGIFF: Table Runner Friday

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I had to get something finished this month, and my QCR table runner was the obvious choice. It’s amazing what a difference quilting and binding can make! I debated on thread colour – whether to go metallic or monofil – and on design – mad feathers or something plain – and decided to go simple and let the colours sing… I … Read More

WIP Wednesday: 3 on the go

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      I had a lovely weekend with friends last week, down on the Dawesville Estuary south of Perth. Five of us camped out in a house overlooking the water and sewed and ate and drank champagne… And sewed and ate some more… I’ve been feeling rather blocked lately in the sewing space – too many other worries so … Read More