WIP Wednesday – FMQAL


Wow it’s been busy around here for someone who is not working. Lots of projects on the go. Job hunting. 28 days of leave left – I don’t have time to go back to work!!! I did have time to finish my blocks for the QAYGFMQAL#2. I’ve still got three posts to go to explain the last few feathers blocks… … Read More

Interfacing, pattern testing, and truth

It was recently suggested that I review a certain bag pattern. Being game and liking the look of the pattern in question, I decided to give it a burl (Australian slang phrase, meaning give it a go. Scotch origins – just throwing that in there for Katy). There were a few things about the pattern that made me go “ooh”. Not … Read More

An autumny finish


It’s not autumn here – in fact, we’ve been having some lovely spring weather.  Just look at that blue sky! But for all of you in the Northern hemisphere, is there a fabric that says autumn more than this one of Tula Pink’s? I simply had to make another Arm Candy bag. I love my squirrels, but they don’t go with … Read More

QAYGFMQAL Sponsor – Green Fairy Quilts

If there’s one quilter I want to be when I grow up, it’s Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts… Judi is just about to head Oz-ward to the Australian Machine Quilter’s Association conference to which sadly, I am not going… Two of my friend are and they have promised to say hi to Judi for me… I’m almost consoled by … Read More

QAYGFMQAL – Final row – Feathers #1


We had a great meeting at Perth Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday  It was our last week of me demo-ing FMQ (phew, I can relax now! My friend Emmy is going to demonstrate techniques for joining your blocks next month) and the first of our feathers blocks! Now a lot of quilters love and aspire to quilting feathers, but they seem … Read More

QAYGFMQAL – Leaves and wallpaper

It’s time for our last block before our next meeting when we are going to attempt FEATHERS. This will help prepare you for feathers – the veins of the leaves are similar to the movement you use to create feathers, but the leaf shape gives you a nice small area to practise in. First, free motion your leaf outlines. You can … Read More

TGIFF – Feeling Squirrelly


I wasn’t going to show this little beauty until next month, but it’s TGIFF and it’s a finish and I’m pretty damn pleased with it! Erin at DogUnderMyDesk has just released the pattern for this  bag – it’s called Arm Candy and I’m reviewing it next month as part of PurseAPalooza… You’ll hear more about it and the pattern then. … Read More

WIP – Plum Crazy

It’s funny how you can start something, put it away, and then get a second wind! I got out my mostly finished Plum Crazy blocks a number of times and put them away again. This last time, they came out, stayed out, got finished, turned into a twin size quilt top AND A PATTERN. It’s currently being pattern tested by … Read More

Reviewing (and raging about) international shipping

Shipping bites. It’s an ongoing frustration in the life of a quilter in Australia. LQS fabric prices can be $25-28/m here, compared to $6-10/yard in the US. That’s a big difference. If we fixed the Australian tax and distribution system, I’d buy more fabric locally. But I’m not looking to open the LQS/online debate. I’m just being honest. My name’s Laura and I buy … Read More