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It’s hard to believe it’s my last linky party of the year… Better make it a good one. I have FINALLY finished my Quilt-As-You-Go-Free-Motion-Quilt-A-Long!!!   I’m still not happy with my block joining – yes there are a few wonky seams there. There’s got to be a better way. I used Leah Day’s method this time – big improvement but … Read More

WIP Monday….

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I’ve been quiet for a while. And by quiet, I mean BUSY…  Busy playing with sharks and racehorse goannas – all in a day’s work at my new job at the School of Animal Biology, which is turning out to be everything I wanted and more. This is a racehorse goanna by the way – we have about 4. I’m … Read More

TGIFF – Sort of…

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The thing I am REALLY grateful is finished – and the reason I’ve been very quiet – is my job hunt. I’ve had the last six months off on long service leave after 8 or so years with government, and the last three years of that have been just hanging in by the skin of my teeth to get that leave. … Read More

Feathers take 4

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And we’re going back to the very beginning… Next verse, same as the first but a little bit louder and a little bit worse… Right at the start, we talked about breaking up our blocks. We’ve broken them up with ribbons, we’ve broken them up horizontally, and we’ve broken them up diagonally. For your last feathers block, break it up. … Read More

FMQ Feathers – take 3

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One of my favourite FMQ feathers (but the one that did my head in most to start with) is what I’m going to call the Toothfairy Wing Feather. There’s probably a proper name for it, but it helps me to think of drawing a tooth when I’m quilting this design. I love, love, love the look of it but I … Read More

Purse-a-palooza – Arm Candy Review

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There’s a Dog Under My Desk! Coincidentally, I’m reviewing the Arm Candy pattern by Erin of Dog Under My Desk for Purse-Palooza at Sew Sweetness. If you are visiting from Sara’s, hi and welcome! If you haven’t already, go and check out my review at Sew Sweetness. I made Arm Candy as a pattern tester with my beloved Tula Pink squirrels. … Read More

Plum Crazy, new venture and a road trip…

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Vera at Negligent Style is posting about my Plum Crazy pattern today. She has a truly unique blog and does lovely lovely work. I often go there for inspiration and pin her projects. She’s in the Czech Republic. I wish I’d found her blog before I visited that area a few years ago… Speaking of travel, I’m taking a little … Read More

FMQAL – FMQ Feathers take 2

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After the super easy peasy first FMQ feather block, I decided to demonstrate some different ways of pimping your FMQ feathers. I say pimping, but I think plain, perfect FMQ feathers are a lot harder than adding a bit of variety (and visual distraction). Ok, this isn’t a great example. I am noticing a huge difference between blocks I quilt … Read More

Plum Crazy still

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Wow! What a great response to my Plum Crazy pattern. Thanks so much! I’ve loved the emails too. The winner of my giveway, according to the law of random numbers, was Duchick. Congratulations! I’ve emailed you the pattern. Yay! If you missed out, don’t be sad!  Serena did a sparkly post to do with Plum Crazy on Sunday- and she … Read More

Plum Crazy Hopalong

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Here’s two Laura-snippets you may not know. First, I used to work in publishing therefore I’m a fussy perfectionist. Second, I don’t like numbers. I frequently mix up numbers when copying them down and I misremember numbers terribly. And I was once good enough (and nerd enough) to go to Maths Camp… The fear of publishing a pattern in which I told people … Read More