FMQAL – Aqua

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I learnt my lesson last week about not marking my work… So here’s the grid I started with for this week. Another Laura block… Fillers: Wishbone. I’m more partial to loop the loop but this one has grown on me. I did this on my Low-Volume Rainyside quilt – I loved how it looked. If you’d like to host a … Read More

Almost wordless WIP Wednesday

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I’m loving this quilt.I’m getting closer to where I want to be as a quilter and these blocks show that off… I think that’s one of the reasons I love this quilt. Just the binding to go!

FMQAL – Teal

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This block is a Laura block. It’s not one I’ve copied this time. First of all, Katy asked me how using a ruler works free-motioning. I haven’t tried it on a domestic, but a long/midarm ruler is 1/4″ thick. It sits along side the free-motion foot and you hold it on the fabric (or try to). I’ve got some super-grip … Read More

Crochet = danger

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I had plans for the Easter weekend. Nothing terribly exciting. Catch up with friends and family. Go out. Walk the dogs (2 visiting cavaliers so wrestle may be a better verb). Scrape and paint the eaves. Bit of gardening. The kind of projects you feel like you have the leisure to attack on a four day break. None of that … Read More

Medallion Flimsy Finish

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So maybe this is a cheaty finish but I’m going to celebrate it anyway! My modern medallion quilt – as yet unnamed – continues my black, red and white and texty obsession. Scarlett approves! These blocks are maybe the easiest of the QCR blocks I’ve done. I’m totally addicted. And quilting it isn’t going to be a hardship. Waiting until … Read More

LowVol Pink – where’s the inspiration

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Time for my second “Laura pretends to be the Green Fairy” block! Someone on Quilt Club Australia asked where I got the inspiration for designs. The obvious answers are other quilters, designs in architecture and the natural world. The transition from “I can stipple” to knowing what to quilt where and making it look amazing isn’t fast, or natural or … Read More

Rainyside quilting

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Not a lot of rain around here, but I did get a chance to start quilting my Rainyside baby quilt! This is the top corner… or the bottom corner. There was too much white, so I decided to mimic one of the patterned stripes. Yeah, it’s a bit uneven. More luck in the square areas. I wasn’t sure about the … Read More


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I have so much fun practising FMQ designs on little pieces that I just have to keep going… So while this isn’t going to be a formal QAL like the first QAYGFMQAL or the second FMQAL, and I’m not going to keep a timetable, I’m going to keep posting these here and in the Facebook group and I’d love to … Read More

Flimsy Crazy Friday

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So this isn’t a big finish, but with my list of WIPs and current work schedule, any finish is a celebration. I went from this:   to this: Besides the removal of the dog, borders are the only thing that has changed. It’s my basic Plum Crazy pattern with a panel and borders added. It’s not rocket science I know, … Read More